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Easy recipe ideas by Rob. If you don't like it, go cook yourself...


Welcome to Go Cook Yourself

We believe cooking should be fun, and that anyone can do it. At Go Cook Yourself you’ll find simple, tasty recipes that are quick and easy to make.

We want to the focus to be the food, so we’ve kept our instructions as simple as possible - this is a recipe blog that anyone can use and enjoy, from the kitchen-phobic to full-time cookers.

We hope you enjoy our recipes. If you don’t like it, Go Cook Yourself…

The Team:

Rob Goodswen - Cook/Co-Founder


What do you do? I design the recipes, do the cooking and take the pictures. I like to party.

Favourite thing to cook? Hungry Man Eggs. Hands down.

Dan Goodswen - Editor/Co-Founder


What do you do? I write the recipes, run the blog, do the marketing - basically everything Rob doesn’t do.

Favourite thing to cook? Lol.

The Rest:

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