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Proper Suet Pastry

24th February 2012

300g Plain Flour / 100g Shredded Suet / 100g Butter / 125ml Cold Water / Salt / Plastic Wrap

SIEVE flour into large mixing bowl

SPRINKLE in some salt

TIP suet into bowl

CHOP butter into small pieces and throw in bowl

WORK butter and suet into flour with fingertips and thumbs

STOP when everything feels combined (5-10 minutes)

POUR in water and carefully work into a rough dough

TIP out onto well floured surface and shape into a ball

WRAP in your preferred plastic wrap and store in fridge

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18 Notes

  1. lindaloulou said: I do like suet pastry - but where can I get shredded suet in Colorado except the specialty and British shops where the price is sky high? I miss suet crust pastry a lot…..
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    Umm, sounds good, but wtf is suet?
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