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Partial Parsnip Soup

11th June 2011

Partial Parsnip Soup - Go Cook Yourself

3 Parsnips / 1 Cauliflower / 2 Small Potatoes / 1 Onion / 1 1/2 Litres Vegetable Stock / Parmesan / Salt / White Pepper

CHOP onion

POUR oil in large pan and fry onion slowly

PEEL and chop potato

CHUCK potato in with onion once onion translucent

TIP stock into pan


WAIT 15 mins then peel and dice parsnips and add to pot

LEAVE to simmer for further 10 mins

CHOP cauliflower into florets

THROW in pot and boil for 6 mins

REMOVE from heat and leave to cool

BLITZ with a hand blender

SEASON with salt and white pepper

SERVE with a scattering of cheese and a drizzle of good oil

DON’T worry about eating vegetables again for the rest of the week


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